The Man, The Brand, 50 Cent


I remember hearing "How to Rob" by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Jackson started his rap career make waves with his no cut-card lyrics. He talked about "Get Rich or Die Tryin". Jackson has come along way, but the essence of him working hard has not changed. I really started to respect Jackson more after I saw him on MSNBC talking about his business venture with Timbarland, and my home town's own Carmelo Anthony.
Jackson is no stranger to putting in work and rebuilding. He showed that after getting shot several times and then coming back by dominating the charts. He seems to treat building a brand the same way. The strategic moves that Jackson has made in brand building shouldn't be over looked. The deals with Vitamin Water and SMS Audio to the hit show Power on Starz are just to name a few ventures that caught my eye. Many people are talking about Jackson filing for bankruptcy, but I say “once you make a million it is nothing to make another.” They also say making the first million is always the hardest and Jackson has made serveral million. Jackson is the type of person who can make a few more million and does not leave all his eggs in one basket if you know what I mean. To say the least Jackson understand the power of turning a negative situation into a money making opportunity. Like they say keep the people talking about you; while continuing to work toward your goal. Because all publicity can be spun to your advantage if you simple work through the problem. Life is about learning to make better decision for when then next opportunity arises for one to captilize on.

Jackson is expanding his branding power to include the new deal with EFFEN Vodka. I got a chance to meet Jackson for a brief moment, but he seemed down to earth and on the job while promoting his new venture in Maryland. I’m sure I will run back into this man of business to get an interview and talk "shop". I simply told Jackson congratulations and I kept it moving. The picture will do for now. I’m on the move to build my own brands and strategic partnerships, but I respect Jackson’s hustle and appreciated the photo.
I was laughing the who time saying to myself “No Puffy Juice” and what a great branding move. EFFEN Vodka is a premium wheat vodka from Northern Holland. I’m not a “Puffy Juice” type of guy myself. I prefer Goose, but EFFEN isn't bad. My comrade the America Sportsman and I cracked open a few bottles and took a few shots of the vodka while going back and forth over the taste. We didn't do any mixers or compare any other vodkas to do a real taste test. Maybe I will do a promotion for a real taste test if I can get a check cut to promote the vodka, but it was fun and something to do on a Friday night between getting ready for a road trip next week to a music conference and festival in Atlanta. My tip is work hard to build your brand and never put your eggs all in one basket; because there maybe a fox trying to get at your eggs. So build your brand wisely, have fun between putting in hard work and work with great people who can add value to your brand. It seems to be working for 50 Cent.
Let's not forget that 50 Cent is a humanitarian who donated to the United Nations' World Food Program. Check the video below. For those who know about real...I'm going to leave it at that and let you check out the video coverage. Even in the video they took corney shots at Jackson, but he keep "the same old two step up in the club" video.