Utilizing Resources old

Attending conferences are a great way to find new resources and learn about new industry trends. I had a blast covering the conference and festival with Markeisha "Jus M" Mullen. We gathered many resources in different forms such as pictures and videos that we will utilize to share more tips. We will share more of the content online and in more podcasts via audio and video. Check the podcast above to hear some Good Life Tips by A3C's panelist Leron Rogers and Joe Cuello talking about making money. 


Utilizing resources are just as important as having resources available. Knowing when to use a resource can often lead to success or failure. You never know how long a resources will be available before it is gone or not a valuable. Remember technology waits for no one. There was one resource at the conference that gave me problems; and that was the conference's app. Do not get me wrong the app did come in handy. The app kept my schedule and giving me a general idea of what was going on during the conference and festival. The biggest disappointment with the app was the map. The map portion of the app did not give good directions and it crashed from time to time. But when all else fails the best thing to do is use another resource like asking a staff members. The staff seem to be very knowledgeable; so that made up for what the app lacked. After taking a poll I found out that other people felt the same way.


It was a great opportunity to network and learned more about how technology has changed the music business. Technology has put the music business in to the hands of independents to making money through self distribution channels. There are new resources being developed as you read this article for people to use in order to sell their products such as TuneCore. A3C utilized their resources to put together a great event filled with panels and shows. My tip is "We all have limited resources; so utilize them accordingly." This is Marcus G logging off.

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