Human Interaction ImageWe laugh, talk, joke and sometimes disagree about the world around us. Human interaction is golden. Having the right friends and colleges to speak with is important. Lend me you ear so that my mind can be clear. The road to success can be lonely, because many people don't understand the mission at hand. We look into the rearview to see the people we once knew. Sometimes it is a reflection of the old you.
They say success changes a person. Are they talking about morals, ethics and values or simply the things we do? Some say keep it real, but truth be told some people can’t relate to the new you. Not all people will grow to reach the same levels in life; therefore life experiences change. It is a different in being a leader and on a crew. A good leader is responsible, because it is not just about you.


There is always a time and place, but morals and ethics should never dissipate. Many leaders and business executives have been under fire, but it takes a crew. Yes, I’m talking about the leaders, banks, medial and smartphone companies without saying names. Quality control is very important. I don’t just mean the products, but also the quality of morals, ethics and values of the people in a crew. 
Ultimately being a leader comes mush responsibility. A leader can’t control every action of a crew. This is one reason why human interactions is important. Leaders need to know about the crew that runs the shop. A leader isn't’t always going to be around; therefore human interaction needs to take place. A simple memo won’t always do. Team building exercises are important. It is a way to learn and instill morals, ethics and values among the crew. 
Being a leader or a boss is not just a job, but a lifestyle. The crew needs to have enough respect to use their morals, ethics and value in the thing they do. People will see and feel the quality of the company or brand. Being the boss is about taking responsibility and good human interaction with the crew.


  1. We all make mistake, but owning up to them is important.
  2. Always work on quality control.
  3. Take time to bond with people.