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I'm a serial entrepreneur, investor, producer who enjoys life. I'm in search of Awe. Original experiences recharge my power cells and keeps me dreaming vividly while loving life. Featured project The DJ Reddz Show.


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I don’t know about you, but letting life pass me by is not in my playbook. I love talking to people about their dreams, because everyday I am chasing my own dreams. I like finding opportunities to do better. I am always learning new things about myself and finding ways to help others along the way. 


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New is exciting. Fired up and ready to go! We like things to happen right away like getting in shape, finding love, selling our first product, a new business turning a profit to buying a house. It often takes time to see the results. Documenting the progress can become your reference to doing better.


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We have an effect on each other around the world rather we know it or not, because we are linked in many ways. These connections aren’t always prevalent in our daily life, but they are there. We have a few things in common; yet we may be worlds apart. Know that the world is a huge and beautiful place meant to be explore. We can not control the actions of other, but we all influence each other. We play a part in the grand scheme they call the world, and we need to help each other to make it a better. That is a reason that I share. 


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