Marcus G

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I'm a serial entrepreneur, investor, producer who enjoys life. I'm in search of Awe. Original experiences recharge my power cells and keeps me dreaming vividly while loving life. Featured project The DJ Reddz Show.


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Being pulled in different directs is a part of life. We make plans that don’t always happen, and start activities that seem to never get finished. Some people think that other things are more important than finding their passion. To say the least, we can easily get caught up. You must be willing to fight for what you want.


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The imagination is a place where ideas run free and dreams turn into reality. Some people only see the limits and often reach dead ends. They act as if they can't turn life around to head in a new direction. Is this the life you lead? Then it is time to refocus and start dreaming again. Open the doors to your imagination.


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