Working On The Road
People go to work and sit in an office or cubical designed to allow them to concentrate. Open workspaces have became popular with many businesses, because it allows a business to save money and fit more people in an area. Other companies have allowed people to work from home. This is one reason why cloud computing has became popular. Can you get work done anywhere?


Some say that an open workspace is not good for productivity. Others claim that an open workspace encourages collaboration. People who work at home or on the road have to find or create an environment that will help them concentrate. People who have never worked from home or in an open workspace may have troubles adapting. People make assumptions about working from home or on the road. Some people think a person just wakes up and starts work whenever they feel like it. You can, but the goal is to be productive and not work all day. Not to mention it can be unhealthy to adapt a wakeup and work routine. In addition, working from home or on the road can affect the separation of work and a personal life. Working from home also effects others that live in the same household. Sometimes the person who has to leave for work can become jealous. Especially if the person going to work doesn't like their job.
Setting up a designated working area is a good idea. It will let others in a household know not to disturbed you when work is being done. But that is not always the case when working from someone else's home or when traveling. Sometimes going to a local coffee shop or bookstore can be the path of less resistance. Working from home or on the road doesn't mean that the work is going to be any easier. Sometimes it is more difficult than working in an office. Work is work no matter where it is being done. Everyone is not discipline enough to work from home, but if a person follows these tips they can create a productive work environment anywhere. Stay productive no matter where you work.


  1. Putting on earphones can let others know not to disturb you unless it is important.

  2. Going to a local coffee shop can be a great place for a person to setup a temporary office for a few hours.

  3. Many establishments have free wi-fi, but take percussions to protect you equipment from thefts and hackers.

  4. Carry your own hotspot to cut down on the possibility of getting hacked when on the road.

  5. Keeping a schedule can help you balance and maintain a work and personal life.