Tocolo Cantina


Taking a break is important. Mixing it up a little bit by checking out local restaurants is a good way to clear your head. We often get caught up in our daily grind, but you can find comfort in the simple things. It is always a good idea to smell the roses when you can. Traveling to a big city can be overwhelming.

This time I stopped into Tocolo Cantina to unwind and grab a bite to eat. They had the large patio door open that lets you see straight inside to the back where the kitchen is located. The people sitting outside with friends eating looked like they where having a good time and seeing a few couples on date-night is what drew me inside. The place was nice and relaxed. A good after work and date night spot. There weren't many single people that night, so it was going to be a short visit for me. They had a good selection of tequila, everything from Avión to Patrón.

The bartender Bryce was cool. He gave me a menu and a second to look it over. I asked about the tacos and Bryce suggested the beef. I told him that I've had beef all week; he then suggested the fish tacos. I placed my order and sipped on my drink while I waited. The tacos came in orders of two or four. I ordered two tacos just incase I didn't like them, after all it is my first time. The tacos where good, but I though it was missing something. Maybe I should have went with the beef tacos like the bartender suggested. I wonder if I could have gotten a mixture. Next time I might listen to the bartender; I did ask. Bryce made sure that I was good and he also gave me some other suggestions to checkout while in New York. Cool place and nice music, but the word is that the beef tacos are the best on the menu.

Tocolo Cantina - Modern Mexican

Food: $12
2 Grilled Fish Tacos - Grilled Mai Mahi Salsa Verde, Mango Salsa, Lime Mayo, Romaine Lettuce, Radish
Drink: $14
Long Island
920 Old Country Rd. NY 11530
Phone: (516) 222-0060