Successful People Follow Throughimage

It is time to get the job done from start to finish. Somethings take time, but following through to the end is important. Believe me, I don't like things to drag on either. People start all sorts of things, and can give a million and one reasons way they never finished. Successful people follow through to the end.

It's not our place to judge, but when a person holds up our progress then it is a problem to our well being. People don't like to hear excuses; especially when doing business and money is involved. Getting the job done is the goal. Not following through is simply bad for business. This really presents a problem when working with a team and tasks are divided up. A client doesn't care if John or Jane Doe doesn't do their part; all they see is that the project isn't completed.


Time is often wasted when constant following up with someone else is needed to keep things on track. Plus most people don't like to hear a person complain. Not following through often causes people to complain and stress levels to rise. If stress levels rise then productivity tends to goes down the drain. Some people say they work well under pressure. Is that good for your health?

Don’t get it twisted some people will try to push impossible deadline. Situations do come up, but the trick is to follow through in a timely manner. Having reinforcement can prove valuable. Sometimes picking up the slack is the only option. Having an outline that allows for extra time can give a person the room they need to make adjustments without the stress. Simply follow through to be successful.


  1. Be realistic.
  2. Time management is important.
  3. Try to avoid people who often complain and give excuses.
  4. Never take on a project that doesn't offer the proper rewards.
  5. Have a plan with milestones so that you can see the progress.
  6. It is nothing wrong with needing extra time, but don't wait to the last minute.