Self-preservation image

Preserving one’s well being can be a tricky thing to understand. Most people don’t like being hurt, mistreated or told lies. Protecting our-self is important, but we can unwillingly sabotage our own success. The ramifications of our actions aren’t always clear. Self-preservation is defined as behavior to ensure survival. As we enter into survival mode our senses are put on high alert as the adrenaline pumps through our blood system. We are now prepared for just about anything that may happen. In this heighten state our mind can play tricks on us.

VIDEO: Stop Sabotaging Yourself, Debi Silber

Being self-aware and react accordingly is powerful. This is no easy task to accomplish. Fear can drive people into doing things that they normally wouldn’t do. A person in survival mode simply wants to get out of danger. We need to always think first before reacting. Life always bringing us unforeseen situations. Sometimes asking for help or stepping back to map out our moves can give us the edge we need to be successful. Learn to avoid acting in a manner that will causes us greater harm.

Remember life is full of surprises. We will never be fully prepared, but we can always adapt and do better. Time is valuable, therefore spend it wisely because we will never gain time back. It is time to live a better life.