RUN: 09-07-2017

Marcus G at the Baltimore Harbor

Life is always showing us something new. We make plans and things come up like having to reschedule my Vlog shoot. I felt like the time was now for me to shot the next Vlog. I wasn't totally prepared, but I made due. Being an entrepreneur and go getter takes flexibility. I improvised and shot my Vlog during my morning run using a smartphone. By the way a Vlog means Video Blog. I didn’t bring any of my mics, so I used my headphone to record the audio, please forgive me. It was windy that morning at Sandlot Baltimore. Sometimes our execution fall short of our expectations. That means we have to adjust and be ready next time or do it again. I like to learn and move forward. Having someone else worry about shooting the video and checking the sounds is easier, but that is life some days.

 Lapel mic I normally take pictures, post on social media and do a few other things while catching my breath after a few miles. I have my phone on me anyway tracking my run. Learning to use the things we have and not take life for granted is important. Like spending our time wisely. I don’t let calls interrupt my run, because that time is set a side for later. Keeping a schedule and tracking our progress is important. People will value their time over ours, but we have to decide the best way to spend our time because it is limited.

I’ve been using the Nike Run app. I like the feature of different people cheering me on. Kevin Heart even cheers me on in the app. There are even run clubs people can join, but there are none in Baltimore. The closest club is in D.C. Should I start one in Baltimore? I might getting too busy and start traveling again. I haven’t tested others run tacking apps yet. The Nike Run app. works for me at the moment. I like mixing up my audio experience when I run. I play everything from podcasts on topics about business to music artist like Cardi B. I will share my playlist with you another time. I will also bring my mic for the next run Vlog to make sure I get a good clean audio recording. Don’t forget to subscribe, like and follow me across your social media outlets. This is Marcus G logging off……


No matter how much we know there is always more to learn. In life we must take the time to clear our mind of distractions to see clearly.


Jus M of The Social Bug Network and I