Getting the help we need imageWe grow up to become stronger and independent. It feels good to be able to take on more responsibilities. People rely and trust us because we are dependable. We keep to our word and make it happen. There are a million of how to videos online to do it yourself checkout lines in stores. The world has made it so that we can be more independent. Who needs help anymore?
Never be afraid The world has turn into a place where people feel like they can do everything on their own. It also seems like everybody wants to have their own, but having our own doesn’t mean doing everything on our own. The truth is that we still need each other. Having a support system goes a long way. You know what they say divide and conquer. The do it yourself mentality has created a gap in how people think, interact and live their life. It is best to do specific tasks on our own, but creating alliances is what makes the world work. Image if we still needed to hunt, grow and cook our own food everyday in addition to running a business or managing everything else we already have to do in our daily life. You think your busy now. People often need to be reminded that one person can only do but so much in any given day. How much time do we really have or want to waste?
The people who came before us have already laid much ground work and made life a little easier for us all; but we still need to work with others to increases our own productivity. We can make it through and do just about anything. Asking for help doesn’t make us weak. Where do many people go wrong? Yes, people know a lot more now a days, but we are still consternated by time. The right people working together can out pace a person working alone. Let’s work together to make the world a better place and be more productive in our lifestyle. Sometimes we are blinded by our abilities that we don’t see the full picture.


  1. Assign tasks to the people best suited for the job.
  2. Be willing to take responsibility for your own actions.
  3. Be willing to share the responsibility and credit.
  4. Try to be objective in your thinking.
  5. We all need help sometimes.
  6. Know your own weaknesses.
  7. It is not always about you.