Focus Tasking

Often people feel like there isn’t enough time to get everything done. Deadlines start piling up and something else needs to get done. Our mind wonders in different directions and nothing feels like it is being completed. This is a problem and the case for many people. Placing unnecessary pressure on ourself isn’t healthy or productive. We have to make time for ourself and organize our thoughts. We call this Focus Tasking.

Focus Tasking is the process of working on one task at time by accomplishing the most important task first. Then working our way down the list. Getting ourself ready should always be our first task. Taking time out to simply focus on organizing our thoughts goes a long way. Because a scattered mind is an unproductive mind. Often I go for a morning run to start my day of productivity. This allow me to focus and map out the day. Some people use meditation, yoga or other types of exercise to focus their mind and get the blood flowing. Some mornings I pick up the pen and pad next to my bed to write down all the thing I want to accomplish. Others days I review old task list.

Finding a way to start our day without rushing and being over whelmed will allows us to become more successful. They say seeing is believing. By making a task list and crossing things off can give us a visually cues that we are making progress. This will allow us no to feel overwhelmed and a sense of accomplishment.



  1. Taking care of ourself is the most important task to accomplish first.
  2. Don’t allow others to interrupt the time we set aside to get ready.
  3. Working on organization.
  4. Make time for what is important.
  5. Create and monitor your check list


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