The imagination is a place where ideas run free and dreams turn into reality. Some people only see the limits and often reach dead ends. They act as if they can't turn life around to head in a new direction. Is this the life you lead? Then it is time to refocus and start dreaming again. Open the doors to your imagination.
A successful person will see several options that the world has to offer to reach their dream. They don't see the world as black and white. They see all the colors including the different shades of gray. All too often people develop blinders based on the opinions of others and current situations. Just because the people you know have not done something doesn’t mean that it can’t be done by you. Widen your expectations. Letting others define your future is like accepting defeat and not dreaming at all. Don't giving up before trying all the possibilities first. Some people can sabotage their own success without consciously knowing it. Learn the rules to the game that you wish to play is a must. Therefore know no limits; only realize that there are hurtles to jump through in order to reach your dreams. Look to those who have accomplish what you have set out to do. Then ask yourself if dreams don't come true.
People are often sceptic about the great unknown. Don’t create boundaries that will trap your mind in a psychological state that will not allow you to break free and achieve your dreams. People can project their thoughts onto others; and make you feel as if their limitations also applies to you. A person must be willing to travel pass the current horizon and not let anything or anyone stop them from moving forward in life. Make time for your dreams and dream big.


  1. There is more than one way to do things in life.
  2. Don’t let the past hold back your future.
  3. Everything around you is a tool.
  4. Don't let success scare you.
  5. Map out all the possibilities.
  6. Try, try and try again.