Be In A Class Of Your Own image

Many people go with the status-quo. Following someone else’s lead is easy, but that doesn’t always lead to personal growth or knowledge. It is like sitting in a classroom when the teach ask a questions and no one raises their hand. Many people don't want to feel foolish in front of their peers. They might even know the answer. It is better to get a question wrong when someone is there to help than fail alone when put to the test. What good is knowledge if we don't use it?

Learning comes from interaction. Innovation comes from doing and experimenting. We all learn differently. Being in a class of our own is what makes the world great. We can do anything if we put our minds to it. Therefore when people come together they are stronger as a unit, but divided they fall. The ideas will flow from many perspectives and the best solutions can arise. 
Open your eyes and don’t follow the crowd. Be a go getter, because tomorrow is filled with opportunities if we are willing to take the steps for a better tomorrow. Be in a class of your own is about strengthening the weakest link in the chain of life. You are strong and smart. It all starts with your own thoughts. Wanting more will lead to accomplishing more. The class has started. Are you ready for the test?


  1. We will never know it all, but try anyway.
  2. Never be afraid to ask a question.
  3. There are no dumb questions.
  4. Always search for knowledge.
  5. Try new things in life.
  6. Stay humble.